My name is Marina. Thanks for visiting my portfolio. This website is a visual representation of my work and projects and complements my CV. I'm very passionate about my job and I hope you'll enjoy the showcase of my projects!

I'm a librarian specializing in digitizing and preserving valuable historical and cultural heritage materials and making them publicly accessible in neatly structured digital collections. My passion is to enhance the user experience and to facilitate users in retrieving those objects. Descriptive metadata and appropriate facets allow me to achieve best results.

My area of research is project management in large scale digitization and approaches for achieving higher digitization efficiency such as staffing and training, development of workflow, procedures and guidelines.

Thanks to my diverse background, I possess unique blend of skills and knowledge. It enhances my performance and makes me achiever in my career.

My unique skill set includes: 

  • project management
  • metadata design and remediation
  • large scale digitization
  • calculation of costs
  • preparation of estimates
  • workflow development and implementation
  • instruction and training
  • research
  • reference
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • outstanding collaboration skills
  • critical thinking
  • analytical thinking