My biggest strength? I have a practical solution for every challenge. Often backed up with plan B.

Hello! My name is Marina.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio.  This website is a visual representation of my work and complements my CV. I'm very passionate about my job and can't wait to showcase my projects!

During the past years, I mastered my expertise and learned from the best professionals in the library field. I dedicated almost 5 years to my passion - digitization management of archival materials, workflow development, metadata management, authority work and project management. I've been actively involved in small- and large-scale digitization projects of various archival materials (periodicals, manuscripts, photographs) and large-scale metadata management and remediation projects. I'm interested in researching ways of improving workflows to achieve higher efficiency and productivity. I was privileged to participate in several pilot projects and I learned many practical ways to clean up metadata at scale, to digitize huge collections with limited resources and to employ simple tools and strategies to turn every project into success. Thanks to this experience I'm so good when it comes to information organization, easily accessible digital items, user-friendly websites/digital collections, adequate training for project staff and efficient collaboration.
My professional interests include digitization of historic materials, management of digitized and born-digital materials, designing information architecture, managing the consistency of the metadata and web/graphic design.

My research fields are:
• Enhancement of large-scale digitization efficiency
• Project management and outsourcing large-scale digitization
• Metadata remediation and management
• Staffing issues in digitization projects

My unique skill set includes: 

  • project management
  • metadata design and remediation
  • large scale digitization
  • calculation of costs
  • preparation of estimates
  • workflow development and implementation
  • instruction and training
  • research
  • reference
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • outstanding collaboration skills
  • critical thinking
  • analytical thinking