ALA Annual was inspiring!

Presenting my poster and enjoying talks with attendees

ALA Annual was inspiring!

There's no sweeter feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment than the one you get after successful presentations at conferences!

ALA Annual 2018 definitely brought much accomplishment and success for me. The conference preparation was an emotional roller coaster - anxiety, stress and hard work alternating with excitement, confidence and triumph.

The conference itself was such an intense long weekend full of emotions - a weekend that brought me inspiration and craving for more professional engagement. I attended informative and enlightening sessions, met nice and knowledgeable people, expanded my professional network and was invited to submit a proposal for publishing my research. But the most exciting of all were my sessions: I was featured in a panel session as a speaker and I was honored to have a poster session dedicated to project management! And all that on my first ALA conference! Isn't that awesome!?

ALA Annual is a such a great and inspiring venue full of professional and networking opportunities! I'm happy I was part of it and look forward the 2019 conference!

Links to my sessions

Title: New and Successful ways to Manage Library IT
Role: speaker
Talk topic: Achieving efficiency in large-scale digitization project management with free IT tools | an inspirational talk about task management and team motivation
Presentation slides available in PRESENTATIONS section

Title: Techniques for successful management of a large-scale newspaper digitization project with outsourced digitization: effective collaboration, increased productivity and outstanding final product
Role: presenter
Poster available in POSTERS section

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