Photo Collections Digitization Project

The project

Quick facts

  • Internally funded
  • Continuous digitization project of archival Photograph Collections from UNLV Special Collections
  • Staffed with student assistants, library technicians and volunteer

My accomplishments

  • Successfully managed digitization project consisting of multiple simultaneous projects (2015-2016)
  • Successfully trained digitization team comprised of student assistants, library technicians and volunteer
  • Reviewed and revised legacy workflows to achieve efficiency and streamline the process of digitization of archival photograph collections
  • Reviewed and revised legacy technology instructions and guidelines to promote better understanding of the sequence of actions
  • Developed and managed procedures and instructions for the project team

My role as a Project Manager

My typical responsibilities included:

  • Managing and supervising digitization team
  • Delegating tasks and assigning small projects to team
  • Ensuring smooth operations and efficient work
  • Setting monthly goals for each team member
  • Reporting progress to upper management
  • Group training and one-on-one instruction sessions
  • Documentation and procedures revisions and updates
  • Record keeping and progress tracking
  • Testing and implementing new technologies that promote efficiency¬†

Sample documents

Status Control File - keeps track of assigned digital IDs, batches, workflow segments and progress of all team members and all collections assigned for digitization
Photo Collections Workflow Simplified
Schedule of photo collections digitization team
Photo Collections Trello Board with digitization team assignments and current projects