UNLV Digital Collections Landing Pages

Landing pages

Recently, I completed one of my current projects - updating the landing pages of the UNLV Libraries Digital Collections.

This was a challenging project and I had to participate in the decision-making process to balance out all advantages and disadvantages of building and maintaining landing pages of the UNLV Digital Collections. I also had to deal with a few technology challenges and to find a way to overcome them in order to design custom landing pages for each of our collections. It was a long project that required much time-commitment and now that it's completed I'm so excited to share this accomplishment with everyone.

Working on this project, refreshed my memory how awesome our digital collections are. You can find anything on it - cool photographs of showgirls, prominent people, historic events; rare and historically significant documents and manuscripts; oral histories and much more!

If you haven't visited UNLV's awesome Digital Collections, it's never late to do so! Just go to http://digital.library.unlv.edu/ and enjoy!

The slides from the presentation upon the project completion are available in the Presentations section.

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